We aim to make digital transformation affordable for every optical shop world-wide!

PD measurement and more to boost sales


The technology that contributes to sales process and conversion improvement


Fast, easy dispensing process

Measure  PD (pupillary distance), fitting height, pantoscopic tilt, vertex distance in the shop using tablet

  • Easy to use tool for every consultant in the optical shop. 
  • AI powered, precise measurement for dispensing progressive lenses .
  • Eliminates horizontal parallax error.
  • No additional frames on glasses to measure.
  • Contactless.
  • Multilingual. 
  •  Works on 11 inch Android device.

Boost conversion in the shop

Build your own marketing material set,  change, update any time, instant push to all devices managed by You. 

  • Never loose time restricted promotions materials in the shops.
  • Fast, easy introduction of new products and features.
  • Statistics of actual promotional materials use in each device, sales conversion analysis.
  • Statistics of measurements done per device. 
  • Measure activities in each shop, correlate with sales KPIs.
  • Custom branding.
  • Own licenses management (assign, reassign, terminate).

” The application is very intuitive and after only a little practise the data is generated quickly. I’m using it on every customer and it creates professional and sometimes fun situations which helps the communication and customer bonding. Sometimes I double check with other instruments but the system is precise and reliable.”  

Egbert Meijer, Newtop

„The adaptation period for new glasses has been significantly reduced since the introduction of apps. This is based on the feedback we have received from customers who have been fitted with new spectacles and had their measurements taken with OculFit.
Customers also like the shooting procedure itself. It is much more comfortable, easier and interactive compared to the conventional method of marking the pupil centres with a marker and measuring all other parameters with rulers.”

Tomas Karavaitis, business development manager at ZYNKY Eyewear

Virtual try-on technology glasses

Virtual try-on

    under development

OculFit is about speed, cost-effectiveness and simplicity in the production of 3D models used for glasses virtual try-on:
  • Completely automated process from 3 standard photos.
  • Models available almost instantly.
  • Cost effective due to automation.
  • Real scale ready.
  • Powered by deep  machine learning.


Partnership with agmis

„We observed the Oculfit project for a while and were always fascinated with their innovative approach to optometry. We are excited to work with such a seasoned team and looking forward to making customized vision aids accessible to everyone in the world no matter where they are”

Saulius Kaukėnas, CEO of Agmis


We are team of technology enthusiasts with a passion to reach beyond horizon!

Vytautas Stunžėnas


Multipe Bussines Development project and sales teams leading experience

Ričardas Kunevičius


Multiple IT project and teams leading experience

Robertas Janickas

Dr. Robertas Janickas


Multiple industry projects and teams leading experience

Prof. Artūras Serackis

Innovation Manager

Large-scale international interdisciplinary R&D projects leading experience. 

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